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Gorilla Trekking – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

The rainforest is spectacular as it offers a dramatic, heavily forested and dense landscape crisscrossed by numerous animal trails, allowing access for tourists. Recorded mammals here include the endangered mountain gorillas, the rare golden monkey, buffalo, elephants, black-fronted duikers, bushbucks, leopards, giant forest hogs as well as other animals.
This park is best known for the fascinating gorillas, where the time taken and terrain varies according to the movements of these marvelous primates.
The thrill of spending time with and observing these gentle giant gorillas is a rare, moving, awesome and exciting adventure that will leave you with long lasting memories of a truly unique experience.
The gorillas are shy and peaceful animals and it is an unforgettable experience to watch and photograph them as they play and interact.

The Crested Crane Bwindi Tours

The Crested Crane Bwindi Hotel is located a short drive away from the Buhoma section of the national park, which is close to the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Uganda’s wildlife definitely has the edge on them in terms of diversity.
Its pristine rainforests protect a wealth of wildlife including an astonishing number of primate species. Indeed, of the few thousand mountain gorillas that remain on earth, over half of them live in Uganda.
Uganda is also one of the top places in the world to see chimpanzee, which are abundant in the Kibale Forest National Park, the Budongo Forest, and in Queen Elizabeth National ParkMurchison Falls National Park, meanwhile, is thought by many to be one of the most exciting wildlife experiences Africa has to offer.
Blessed with one of the most delightful climates in the world, do join us in;
–  Gorilla Trekking
–  Mountain Hiking and Farm walks.
–  Community Interactions – Batwa People.
–  The Progressive Farmer trail
–  The Botanical trail.

Bird Watching – The Grey Crowned Crested Cranes.

Standing firm on a breathtakingly green hill, The Crested Crane Bwindi is more than just accommodation. It is a sanctuary of Uganda’s national and most elegant bird; the crested crane! Thus the name, “The Crested Crane Bwindi Hotel”.
Oh yes, it is indeed home to over 400 grey crowned crested cranes.
This bird is not only the national bird, but truly a duplication of the national flag, boasting of the flag’s colours, black, yellow and red! This bird will teach you a thing or two about family, love, business and beauty. Moving in packs, splitting into twos, having a moment of courtship and then back to the pack, that is exactly what we strive to provide for; a family, business or couple’s beautiful get away.


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